What is Bomgar?
Bomgar is a Live Remote Assistance tool utilized by WellSpan IS to troubleshoot computer issues. With the user's approval, it gives IS personnel the ability to view and manage remote computers. The user is in full control of the computer at all times and has the ability to end the screen-sharing session at any time.
How To Get Support:
If there is a support question, call the WellSpan Help Desk at x5555 and a WellSpan IS Support Analyst will assess the issue. If the WellSpan IS Support Analyst determines that a Bomgar session should be initiated, you will be directed to the process below.
Answers to security questions and system configuration requirements can be found on the FAQ page. A demonstration of a screen-sharing session can also be found on the FAQ page.
How The Process Works:
    Step 1:  To initiate a Bomgar session, a WellSpan IS Support Analyst will provide you with a unique connection code and direct you back to this page. After accepting the terms on this page, a pop-up window will appear. Please enter the unique code in the field and click the Start Session button to initiate the screen-sharing session. (Note: You may have to disable any pop-up blockers to allow this to launch.)
Step 2:  You may be prompted to download a small virus-free plug-in. If you receive a yellow information bar stating 'To help protect your security, Internet Explorer has restricted this page from running scripts or ActiveX controls that could access your computer. Click here for options...' Please right-click and choose 'Allow Blocked Content' to proceed.
Step 3:  With your permission, the WellSpan IS Support Analyst will be able to view your screen and share control of your mouse and keyboard. The entire screen-sharing session will be recorded for quality purposes.
What Is It Utilized For?
This tool is solely for supporting WellSpan access and applications including (but not limited to):
· Citrix Access Gateway
· Configuration to Home Wireless Network (see additional information below)
· EMR Applications And Systems Including Citrix Applications
· Office 365(One Drive, Web Outlook, etc)
· Access to network drives and files
Customers With WellSpan issues on non-WellSpan wireless network:
Customers are responsible for providing router configurations and security configuration information such as the WPA or WEP key to the WellSpan IS Support Analyst. If the customer is unable to provide this information, WellSpan IS may be limited in providing assistance.
Terms of Support:
Bomgar support sessions do not include data backup and WellSpan IS is not responsible for issues related to non-WellSpan applications and/or systems. Customer approval will be required for any data transfer.

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